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Would you like to work from the Sunny Island of Malta? Take a look at the list below and maybe your one of a lifetime dream job is there!

Besides employment options you can also apply as a freelander for the positions below. 

Native DE / DK / NL / UK content writer
Text writer

We’re looking for a native German and/or English speaker who can write fluently in their native language.

Are you..

  • the kind of person who corrects everybody when they make a spelling mistake?
  • dreaming about writing content at night?
  • a native Danish, Dutch, German or English speaker?
  • handy with computers?
  • able to write both formal and informal texts?

Did you answer all points with a yes? Great, this job might be something for you! Get in touch with us today.

Photoshop King / Queen

Do you dream of making the new state of the art logo or banner? This job might be perfect for you. What do we ask?

  • Experience with Photoshop;
  • Understanding of online marketing;
  • Creativity.

Experience is nice but not a must. Most important is that you are able to think out of the box!

We appreciate unique, non-Europass CV’s. Do you have other qualities that you would like to explore but it doesn’t match the job openings on this page? Do not hesitate to contact us with your proposal!