Nedlof Limited is an online marketing company dating back to the year 2011. Our aim is to create websites dominating niche markets. At this moment we manage a diverse portfolio of websites focussing on Music, Games, Gambling, Health, Insurances and much more!

Malta Based

Yes that's right! We're based on the sunny island of Malta.

Specialized in SEO

And much, much more! From designing till nerding in scripts.

Focus on Europe

Not every single country but most people speak English anyway ;)

Today we'll give it our full 30% again!


Different Niches keeps it Fun!

Who doesn't Google their health problems? is created for this reason alone! It's one of our Dutch forums focused on medical Search Terms.

Country Startpage

With 1000's of visitors per day this website should be definitely in your favorites if you like Country Music. Target markets are Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States.


OnlineCasino1 was one of the first gaming websites in our portfolio serving the UK market. We're also active in other regulated markets like Denmark and Sweden.

Work with us

Dutch and English content writers

We're looking for a native English speaker who can write fluently in their native language.

Are you....

...the kind of person who corrects everybody when they make a spelling mistake?
...dreaming about writing content at night?
...A native Dutch or English speaker?
...Handy with computers?
...Able to write both formal and informal texts?

Did you answer all points with a yes? Great, this job might be something for you! Get in touch with us today.

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We have the following postal address:

26, Ghar Id-Dud Street
SLM 1573 Sliema

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